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Pitney Bowes Inserter

PRICE: $18,000.00


Pitney Bowes Inserter

PRICE: $7,500.00


Pitney Bowes Inserter

PRICE: $3,800.00


Pitney Bowes Inserter

PRICE: $16,000


Pitney Bowes Folder/Inserter

PRICE: $2,800.00



PRICE: $2,800.00



Remanufactured Neopost SI78 Folder Inserter

At the high end of the table-top series, the neopost SI-78 is suited for a wide variety of applications while maintaining the high speed necessary to process high volumes.

Invoices, statements, direct mail letters or payrolls, the SI-78 is completely flexible to be adapted to your specific needs and application quickly. It can handle a wide range of paper weight and sizes as well as prefolded and unfolded materials, including reply envelopes. Modular in concept, it can be expanded from 1 to 4 stations, interfaced to a Burster and read Intelligent Optical Marks for accumulating sets.

The SI-78 is very easy for an operator to use. Up to 9 preset jobs take care of all electronic settings. Clear and convenient control is achieved by a good visibility and accessibility to the paper path.

PRICE: $4,995.00



PB 21/2 Station

Frankly, This is the best, most reliable, trouble free table top inserter built. Near flawless in function. This is a 2.5 station unit that sells for approximately $12,000 new. Sale price $5295.00

Unit comes with the following: Over $600 in new consumable parts and an average of 6-8 hours bench work "perfecting" the machine prior to shipment.

  • New feed rollers and seperator rollers at all feed stations
  • New envelope flap moistener brush
  • Letter catch tray, power cord. Unit is absolutely complete no parts missing
  • Complete operators and repair manual
  • 30 day parts warranty
  • Life time phone tech. support after you receive your machine

Regular price: $12,000.00 | Sale price: $5,295.00

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SECAP SI1000 Folder Inserter

The SI1000 is the smart, affordable solution for preparing your outgoing mail. Today, more than than ever, it is important to work smarter to stay ahead. If you are currently hand folding and stuffing envelopes, the SI1000 desktop folder inserter is the solution for you. Prepare your outgoing mail fast, efficiently, and hassle-free without leaving your desk.

The SI1000 is the ideal solution for smaller organizations or corporate departments that routinely create invoices, checks or newsletters, or send direct mail pieces. Get your routine mailing tasks done faster and more efficiently!

Automatically folds, inserts and seals up to 900 pieces per hour into a #10 standard or window envelope.

Technical Specifications

  • Automatic Stations:
    Up to 3 Feeders: Fold and insert
    1 Feeder: For inserts
    1 Feeder: For envelopes
  • Paper Specifications:
    Width: 8.5”
    Length: Either 11” or 14”
    Weight: 20-24 lb., non-glossy
  • Insert Specifications:
    Minimum Size: 5” x 3 3/8”
    Maximum Size: 8 7/8” x 14 1/2”
    Weight: 20-52 lb. stock
  • Envelope Size:
    #10 only, standard or window
  • Folding Capability:
    Speed: Up to 900 pieces per hour
    Type: C fold for 8.5” x 11”
    Double fold for 8.5” x 14”
  • Operation Modes:
    Fold and Insert
    Fold Only
    Selectable Seal or no Seal
  • Special Functions:
    Double Document Detection
    Resettable Mail Piece Counter
  • Options:
    Convenience Sheet Feeder Tray for semi-automatic feeding of mail.
    (Up to 3 sheets of 20 lb. paper)
  • Physical Characteristics:
    Dimensions: 20.5"L x 17.5" W x 14.5"H(width without catch tray is 30")
    Weight: 38 lbs
    Power: 110 Vac, 60 hz
  • Certification:
    UL approved


DI200 OfficeRight Mailer

Automated Folding and Inserting for Low-Volume Mailer

Like New $2895.00 free installation!

  • Processes up to 15 letters per minute.
  • Feeds up to three sheets of 20 lb paper.
  • C-fold for 8.5" x 11" and double parallel fold for 8.5" x 14."
  • Selectable seal or no seal modes.

The DI200 OfficeRight™ Mailer is a compact, easy-to-use system that automatically folds, inserts, and seals business and promotional mail at 15 letters per minute. It is ideal for smaller organizations or corporate departments that routinely create invoices, cheques, newsletters, or direct mail pieces. To help you grow your business efficiently, promotional inserts or reply envelopes can be added to mailings with the touch of a button.

PRICE: $2895.00 | To order, call toll free: (800) 255-3713




Pitney Bowes DI500 - Pitney Bowes Folder/Inserter


  • Cycle speeds of up to 3600 pieces per hour - suitable for mid-range mailers.
  • Pac Pilot User Interface - easy to use icon-based menu guides.
  • Prefold Accumulation (5 x 2) - provides the choice for items to be folded together or separately.
  • Sheet Feed Capacity - 325
  • Insert Feed Capacity - 300 * Envelope Feed Capacity - 300
  • Linked Feeders - allows pages to continue feeding from the second feeder when the first has run out, minimizing the need to reload.
  • Dedicated Manual Feed Tray - for ad hoc mailing and stapled sets.
  • Double Document Detection
  • No Fold Plates
  • Optical Mark Recognition [OMR] - makes it easy to control contents of each individual mail piece.
  • Sealing + Safe Seal
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

Folding made easy with Pitney Bowes Inserting Systems. They are easy to use, they fold automatically, and operate quietly. The DI500 can operate up to three high capacity feeder stations, which can handle a wide range of materials to satisfy almost all applications, from invoices, statements and letters, to reply envelopes, reply cards, leaflets, coupons and flyers.

Sale price: $4,900.00


Neopost SI-62 / Hasler M3000 refurbished folder inserter

PRICE: $3,500.00



Neopost SI-68 / Hasler M6000 3 station refurbished folder inserter

PRICE: $5,900.00


Hasler M4000 3 station refurbished folder inserter

PRICE: $4,900.00



Pitney Bowes DI-350 2.5 station refurbished folder inserter

PRICE: $3,900.00


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